Kate Sharpley Library collective interviewed by the Tyneside Anarchist Archive 1. - Can we have a brief history of the Kate Sharpley Library? A: The Kate Sharpley Library was established in 1979 by comrades connected with 121 Bookshop in Brixton. Originally it covered a broad range of subjects of interest to anarchists. After it moved... Continue Reading →

Book review number 5

The following review by a friend of ours is due to appear in the forthcoming North East History , which is the journal of the North East Labour History Society. REVIEW - Anarchism in North East England: 1882-1992 Anarchism as a set of revolutionary ideas and practice has tended not to be taken seriously in the... Continue Reading →


The following article and graphics are from Black Jakes Occasional Organ. No 2. Published by the Newcastle Anarchist Group, 1977 in response to the (then forthcoming) visit from the queen as part of her silver jubilee celebrations in June/July of that year. Slightly dated, but somewhat still relevant with this months coming jubilee farce. Considering... Continue Reading →


As part of a series of upcoming interviews with similar minded endeavors we decided to interview our friends from SPIRIT OF REVOLT - Archives of dissent • Glasgow • Scotland • The Archive collects, manages and preserves multi-media records from Glasgow’s and Clydeside’s anarchist and libertarian-socialist past and present.  1. Please give everyone a brief history and tell us... Continue Reading →

Kropotkin & The Channel Islands

Here is a rare, recently donated, not often seen little pamphlet - 'Prince Peter Kropotkin and The Channel Islands' Guernsey Historical Monograph No. 19. Toucan press. 1979. As the author states, Kropotkin "visited the Channel Islands on at least three occasions during his exile in England. he came in 1890, 1896 and 1903. These visits... Continue Reading →


"April 1984, and in the sheer joy of creating temporary autonomous spaces local anarcho punks would squat the old Robert Kelly Coal Merchant building in the centre of Gateshead at  High St West, for the purposes of putting on an all day gig. “I helped to organise this gig, me & S found the empty... Continue Reading →


1982 and its class war in the class rooms. Pictured clipping from the time and some of the editions we have, and a PDF of a later edition (1984) produced by Sheffield Anarchists... PDF below last picture..enjoy... Above, the original 1982 FUKU edition we have Another edition of ours (cant find at the minute)... Continue Reading →

Anarchism in NE England booklet

Here,s a treat for you. A friend of the archive, after reading our book, was inspired to make us this amazing little hand made booklet which we have copied as a PDF document for you here... ainneDownload The book 'Anarchism in North East England - 1882-1992 is still widely available from the usual us... Continue Reading →


A recent bit of writing i came across in which perfectly expressed words convey and remind us of the brief but active life of our departed friend Ewan Brown.... "Characteristic for him are the words that Hedwig Lachman wrote for her husband, Gustav Landauer; He had no choice, nor did he tire Demanding no reward... Continue Reading →


Shunned by 'academia', largely ignored by those who put themselves of pedestals of importance in the capital, delibratley written out of some recent 'histories' by 'anarchist historians' !, treat with 'aghast' that local 'radical celebrity's' were not 'consulted' during the writing, brushed off from local Labour History society's radar's, even blatantly ignored by certain 'important... Continue Reading →


Anarchism In North East England 1882-1992. Tyneside Anarchist Archive. Published by Active Distribution May 2021 "I’ve just finished reading what I think is as important and remarkable a work of working class and anarchist history as any I’ve read. It deserves a place in the literary canon of anarchist and working class struggle. It gives... Continue Reading →


Its early 1990 and nearing the end of the national ambulance workers dispute... "Class War No 38 with its cover in support of the ambulance workers,was one of the most popular sold papers at Newcastle’s Monumentduring this period, not only with a sympathetic public, but also with theambulance drivers themselves who stood alongside Tyneside Class... Continue Reading →


Here is a small section of a chapter in 'Anarchism in North East England 1882-1992' (available now) One of our favorite bits .... its early 1983 and.......... The state in its efforts to dominate and influence every aspect of our daily lives would also make moves for more of a control of the airwaves. How... Continue Reading →

Book review – Anarchism in North East England

Tyneside Anarchist Archive, Anarchism in North East England, 1882 – 1992, 505 pages, [Active Distribution. £9. ) This impressive and comprehensive contribution caps a canny few years of the careful development of the Tyneside Anarchist Archive. This phenomenon started life as bundles of leaflets and zines from the 1980s boxed in the founder’s bedroom,... Continue Reading →

Racism and Fascism today (1978)

The following article is from a member of the locally based Black Jake / Newcastle Anarchist Group and was published in Freedom. Volume 39, Number 20. 14th October. 1978. Obviously dated but still of interest. We have rescued and re-published here for elements of local posterity. The Freedom introduction; A recent exchange of views in... Continue Reading →

DNR zine.

Next on a visit to the scanner is DNR, a Newcastle based 'zine' from 1991, and admittedly, that's about all we know about it. Is this the only issue produced ? Whats DNR mean ? As ever, the PDF is below picture..enjoy, share and divint be square ! dnrDownload

Newcastle Anarchist Meeting. 1944

1944, and another snippet of information that just missed the final edit of our book.... for more items to view similar to this, try our facebook page here....

STRIKE 9 + 10

Concluding this series - STRIKE Number 9. Teesside anarchist broadsheet. Late 1989. STRIKE Number 10. Teesside anarchist broadsheet. Feb 1990. Both A3 two sided sheets on one PDF document (file below picture) strike-9-and-10Download

EVERYTHING – Anarchist Feminist

Everything - Anarchist Feminist Magazine. Number 7. (Everything about mental health issue) Summer 1983. Sydney, Australia. In an interlude from our local endeavors, we highlight this 38 year old delicate paper we have in our collection. Some (dated) but interesting articles on everything anarchist-feminist, and of particular interest to some friends of ours, it also... Continue Reading →

STRIKE 7. Teesside 1988/1989

Strike No 7. Teesside anarchist newsheet, 3 page, the centre opens out to an a3 size anti-poll tax poster. As ever the PDF file is below pictures.... centre poster.. we're not just not paying, we're not friggin paying strike7Download


Strike Back ! Number 5. May Day edition 1984. Produced by our friends doon the road from the Middlesbrough Direct Action Movement (DAM) at Teesside. By issue 7 it had changed its name to just Strike !, of which we have another three issues to bring you at a later date. We have issues 7,... Continue Reading →

Chomsky; the importance and limitations of his political writings and philosophy

The following essay is written by a local and dear friend to the archive, and was described recently to us by the author as "quite a harsh critique (concealed inside many compliments) of Chomsky". It was originally published in Anarchist Studies, Vol. 3, No. 2, April 1995, and is reprinted here because,..well, for no other... Continue Reading →


We may have shared this before, or others have, or shared the copy of Direct Action the article is from, what..we share again The following deserves place in our history as it is written by fellow Geordie Tom Brown and is from Direct Action-World Labour News, May/June 1962. FIGHTING FOR THE NINE-HOUR DAY “When... Continue Reading →


When a few local 'comrades' learned I was writing a book on the history of anarchism in the North East of England, a common remark was "oh you must include Thomas Spence". At first I agreed, then didn't, then did again, then cut the whole thing as the history is 1882-1992 and the events of... Continue Reading →

Kropotkin’s Federalist Ideas

Camillo Berneri ( May 28, 1897, – May 5, 1937, Barcelona) - Peter Kropotkin - His Federalist Ideas. Freedom Press. London. Copy of the 1943 edition of this delicate little pamphlet, part of a recent donation. And we found a PDF of it for you..... kpDownload


The formation in 1816 of the Society for the Promotion of Permanent & Universal Peace in London also inspired the creation of further societies throughout the country, and in particular Darlington and Newcastle, thus the Newcastle Upon Tyne Peace Society (1817 – 50) was born. The Newcastle society made up of Quakers, church ministers of... Continue Reading →


Newcastle Anarchist Communist Federation active 1986 - Jan 1993, re-established 1996 and produced 6 issues of Newcastle Resistance (October / November 1996 - June / July 1997), all gathered together as a PDF file. We have previously posted these on our FBook page, except the 'Green issue' (produced for the May 1997 yearly Green Fair... Continue Reading →


STUFF THE VOTE ! We bring you the final issue we have of Anarchy ! A libertarian broadsheet for the North East, issue 5. 1996. The front page looks at elections, quite apt with whats happening in America at the moment, and also includes a (humorous or decide) look at the anarchist press of... Continue Reading →


They say all good things come to an end, and so it is with The Tyneside Syndicalist. After Issue 16, it was decided at a readers meeting to put the paper 'on ice' for the time being, lack of finances, burnout, and new projects beckoning all contributed (read more in our forthcoming history). Unfortunately, the... Continue Reading →


Issues 9 (September 1986) to 12 (February 1987) of Tyneside Syndicalist. As ever the download link / PDF,s are below picture. Issue 9 has a special feature on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, whilst Issue 12 is a landmark issue as the paper eventually had a name change from being 'The Syndicalist' to becoming 'Tyneside... Continue Reading →


Issues 5 (May 1986) to 8 (August 1986) of the Tyneside Syndicalist. PDF files below picture. tyneside-syndicalist-5Download tyneside-syndicalist-6Download tyneside-syndicalist-7Download tyneside-syndicalist-8Download


July 1986, the 50th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution, and throughout the world numerous pamphlets, special supplements in papers and magazines, and commemorative articles are being released. Tyneside was no exception. Issue 7 of the Tyneside Syndicalist had a special 4 page supplement to mark the event, in which parts of we have previously highlighted... Continue Reading →


Late 1985 and the first issue of 'The Syndicalist' is appearing on the streets of Tyneside and beyond. Produced by the Tyneside Revolutionary Syndicalists and described as an 'Anarcho-Syndicalist Paper'. It ran for sixteen issues until the Winter of 1987. Today we bring you the first four issues, with the rest to follow in the... Continue Reading →


KICK THE TORIES OOT...WE SAY KICK THEM IN ! Thatcher resigned 28th November, 1990 and Tyneside Class War were straight on the case. Local leaflet December 1990 / Jan 1991.


ANARCHY! Libertarian Broadsheet for the North East. Issue 2. 1994. Running alongside Tyneside Anarchist Group mid to late 90,s. We have issues 2,3,4,&5 (1994-1996), any other issues, especially No 1 we would love to see...get in touch. PDF file here... anarchy 2  which is 4 x  A4 pages long.  


We have a treat for you all today. As far as we are aware the following has not been scanned before. 'Flame Thrower', produced 1986 in London, was, we believe, a one off issue of this 24 page free newspaper. Some interesting articles and graphics inside that reflect the period, including an early 'constructive criticism'... Continue Reading →

Anarchist Convicts

The Anarchist Convicts of Guyana, “The Voice of the Penal Colony” (1893) Not everything we share originates from the North of England. We occasionally like to share writings or literature for no other reason than that we like them or for the fact that they move us so much as to want to post them... Continue Reading →

TAG News Sheet July 1995

Continuing our series of Tyneside Anarchist Group literature, here is the July 1995 News Sheet (PDF link below picture). Issue's 3 and 4 will follow at a later date, and that is the only copies we have if anyone we know has any missing issues they could donate, lend, or even sell us then that... Continue Reading →

RIP Ewan Brown

Painting proudly completed by Ewan Brown May 2018. A beautiful picture of Hope. Your relentless activism and compassion against injustice in this world continues to inspire Hope for those of us who continue the fight in your name. Rest in peace my friend. xxxx Tyneside Anarchist Archive.

Interview No 2

It can be quite a thankless task creating & running an archive, to some...why bother with the past when there is too much happening now and to come. At times it is disheartening when you put so much effort into discovering/preserving/showcasing, and sharing OUR history, especially a local archive such as ours - where you... Continue Reading →

Durruti Column/CNT Militant obituary Teesside

We have previously highlighted the life of a CNT militant who settled in Middlesbrough, Teesside, North East England in an interview with Miguel Rico. Interview here... Today we share the life of Vicente Blasco Carrillo who settled in Stockton on Tees, North East England after the war. The following obituary, written by Teesside Anarchists... Continue Reading →


From the back streets of Tyneside to anarchists worldwide....busy times at the archive with another interview received, this time from  Arizona !! More scanning also going on and next we will bring you the series of leaflets from Tyneside Anarchist Group (mid to late 1990,s).... The series of Newcastle Anarchist Group leaflets (1982-1983), and the... Continue Reading →


Every year certain 'on this day' pages highlight that on this weekend in 1914 the annual anarchist conference was this year held in Newcastle, and like the Daily Mirror front page spread above, concentrate only on the fashion of the time and talk of 'flappers'. This is only a minute picture of the full story.... Continue Reading →


Interview - 'in which we invariably blow our own trumpet' so to speak... Not often we do, but a young American comrade interviewed us recently for something or other that she is writing, so we thought we would share.... How and when was your archive established? The creation of group anarchist libraries for self, as... Continue Reading →

Amazing news

Two bits of great news. Firstly we have been given a double CD of the interview, and the radio slots that local labour historian Ray Challinor did with Tom Brown during the early 1970's. I must admit, after searching for info etc on Tom Brown for next to 30 years, that it was quite a... Continue Reading →


  Tyne & Wear Free News began May 1985 and at times was published monthly before changing name in 1988 to the news sheet of Tyneside Class War, then becoming just named Tyneside Class War. The paper was an A3 broad news sheet and was available at bookshops such as Days Of Hope. It was also... Continue Reading →


Mid to late 1980's, anarchists in the North East were affiliated to the Northern Anarchist Network, and previous to that the North Eastern Anarchist Federation during the late 1970's to early 1980's. Both groups encompassed those from throughout Northern England, Yorkshire, etc to the Borders and southern Scotland. Pictured is one of the NAN bulletins... Continue Reading →


"Wars do not happen because politicians omit to ask one another to dinner, or because Churchill forgot to slap Stalin on the back. Wars are fought for sound economic reasons and the greatest of all these is oil." Tom Brown. 1958.  foreseeing future events. from Nationalism and the new boss class. Whilst we only have... Continue Reading →

ALBERT MELTZER 1920 – 1996

In remembrance of an old friend of the archive since its inception over 30 years ago. Just before his death i let Albert know of my collecting / researching of the history of anarchism on Tyneside, to which his response was the information we have and known was only the 'tip of the iceberg'. Sadly... Continue Reading →


It is with immense sadness that we share the news of our friends early death at 27 years old.  Such a sad sad loss that we struggle for adequate words... Ewan was extremely enthusiastic about this archive, and what it try's to achieve. In fact this website wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the patient... Continue Reading →


Class War,s theoretical magazine. December 1987.  We bring you two images, the first is the original, and the second is the cheaper pirated version sold on Tyneside ( cheaper as it was sold for 'ten bob' - slang for 50p ). As well as the PDF here . . Heavy-Stuff-1 We will gradually bring you... Continue Reading →


The Hockler. No 1.  Tyneside. Autumn 1991. Only 1 issue produced. A3 double sided 'paper' produced by members of Tyneside Class War, and ( i am told ) was fly posted throughout the streets of Newcastle and North Shields etc, as well as given out during Class War street sales. I never did like the... Continue Reading →

VIRUS No 11. 1987.

VIRUS No 11. mid 1987. magazine of the Anarchist Communist Federation. In the spirit of national editorial rotation, issues 11, 12, & 13 were produced in Newcastle.  Issue 14 saw a name change of the magazine to ORGANISE. We bring you our favorite cover and the stolen PDF file.... virus 11


Continuing our series of local 'anarcho-punk' zines, we bring you Hope which ran from 1986 - 1989 and hailed from Gateshead / Newcastle. We have specifically been asked not to PDF them due to embarrassment, although we do have a PDF of number 2 which is available upon personal request .....   Hope number 4... Continue Reading →


Anger Burning issue 2. November 2015. Tyneside. This issue is of particular interest to us as it interviews activists from North East Class War ( page 19 ). This group have since disbanded so please ignore any contact details given..although they still active and can be contacted through ourselves. Pdf file below picture...... PDF file......... ... Continue Reading →


The 1980,s saw an explosion of 'Anarcho - punk' zines, and Tyneside was no exception, with many a fine publication being produced DIY style during this period. With over 300 in our collection we will post some of the better local ones during the following months.. We start with GUERNICA, produced by an old friend... Continue Reading →


Seven surviving stickers in the archive, must be the only ones left anywhere out of the thousands upon thousands printed. "" Early March 1990, two of us hitch-hiked down to the Class War Federations regional delegates meeting at a house in Moss side, Manchester. After much discussion on various things, it was decided to do... Continue Reading →


PAY NO POLL TAX - THEY CANT IMPRISON US ALL Tyneside anarchists / Tyneside Class War with their banner at anti poll tax demonstration, Edinburgh. The poll tax was to be introduced a year before in Scotland (testing ground) 1st April 1989. Always having close ties with our 'friends up north' our number were always... Continue Reading →


EARTHWORKS - issue 2.  Newcastle Upon Tyne. 1984. The only issue we have of this fine magazine (if anybody has any other copies please let us know). Articles on - miners strike + north east. 1910-1912 workers strike back - miners. Social control in schools. Labour scabs. Joseph Cowan a Tyneside radical. Soldier mutinees. 


THE VOICE OF RESPECTABLE MODERATION ATTACK INTERNATIONAL - Free Newspaper London 1987. Our copy is slightly tattered, and having only an a4 scanner at the moment it was great to see a comrade recently upload the pdf. One of the favorite and highly influential papers in our collection.... and the PDF file for you...........   ... Continue Reading →


"the Labour Party is incapable of acting in the interests of the working class. It is an obstacle in our struggle for liberation and must be smashed along with the system it wants to manage" Newcastle 8th May 1989. Newcastle Anarchist Communist Federation public meeting and talk. We have the full typed talk given at... Continue Reading →


Treason No 1. Sunderland, November 1981. Not all papers withstand the test of time, so we were pleased to re-discover this little gem on the Spirit Of Revolt archive. PDF file of the paper below..... PDF........   Treason one              enjoy .....


July 1986, the 50th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution. To commemorate the occasion members of the Tyneside Revolutionary Syndicalists met with Miguel Rico to carry out a small interview, which was then published in the July 1986 special supplement of The Syndicalist number 7 (picture below). Reflecting on the period and Miguel Rico, a good friend of... Continue Reading →


THE GREAT LABOUR UNREST. Rank-and-file movements and political change in the Durham coalfield. A canny good book from a canny good friend of the archive, although we would recommend you get your local library ( if there is any left ) to order it as it costs anything up to £75. We also include a... Continue Reading →

“I aint thick its just a trick”

TYNESIDE CLASS WAR   library list  1988/1989 original cover in our collection "Self education was always important to the group, as state education didn't cut it for most of us. School was one of the worst times in my life..strapped, caned, slapped, bullied, belittled, put down, punched down... of course how else does the state keep... Continue Reading →


Whilst a bit of interest in Tom Brown seems to be revived of late, we'll take the opportunity to share one of the largest pieces of Toms writing.. The principles of Syndicalism, which makes up the majority of the following book we have in our collection. Phoenix Press July 1990. Then below that we have... Continue Reading →


As mentioned in an earlier article, little is known about the actual life of Tom Brown after the loss of his memoirs. Therefore we were quite pleased to discover that during the late 1920's, after losing his job in Coventry, Tom returned to the North East and resided in Birtley, Co Durham for a couple... Continue Reading →


BULLETIN OF THE KATE SHARPLEY LIBRARY,  NUMBER 95.  JULY 2018. Check the pdf file link below to read the July issue of the KSL bulletin which, as well as an  interesting interview with ex Bristol Class War member, also gives Tyneside Anarchist Archive a nice little write up. We cant stress enough how much important... Continue Reading →


produced by TYNESIDE ANARCHIST GROUP in 1996 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution. articles - 60th anniversary. What is anarchism. 1931 Barcelona rent strike. Anarchist revolution in Spain. North East people + the civil war. Free women.  


Born on this day 14th July 1896 Above, a book from our collection.  Below a photo we have of Durruti's grave, taken on the day of the scattering of Albert Meltzer's ashes 31/11/1997.  


We have searched in vain for decades for any hint of the whereabouts of Tom Browns unpublished memoirs, to no avail. They were loaned to a local student to use parts for her thesis, and apparently, after Toms death, his partner Lillian Brown wasnt interested in their return. "Tom Brown, whose writings did much to... Continue Reading →

The mystery of Garibaldi,s heed

‘It is not the task of the historian to respect myth: but it is the task of the historian to confront defamation, misrepresentation and insult when they pass themselves off as historical narrative.’ Agustin Guillamon. ‘The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939’ p112. Whilst doing our usual research on the history of Anarchism on Tyneside, we... Continue Reading →


BORES UNDER THE FLOOR - A brief guide to the wave of 'left' groups and newspapers currently invading the pit villages. By our very own fellow geordie David Douglas.   In our collection. *********************************************************************************** Now where was it again that i heard / read about... whilst pickets were literally running for there very lives from baton... Continue Reading →

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