@ Book fair. Bradford. 2018.

In answer to a minor criticism from a friend..“why would people wanna donate..when you just sell the stuff ?”

We did a one – off stall at an Anarchist book fair held in the 1 in 12 in Bradford 2018. We took a lot less than £30, so it actually cost us more to go and do it. We only ‘sold’ or ‘gave away’ literature that we had more than one copy of in the archive, and literature that we know other archives already have. We do it for the love of doing it, the communication, the sharing of our ideas, …NOT MONEY !

who knows..we may pop up again at an event near you… anyway someone took some photos…

taa 6

taa brad 4

taa brad 2




Class War,s theoretical magazine. December 1987.  We bring you two images, the first is the original, and the second is the cheaper pirated version sold on Tyneside ( cheaper as it was sold for ‘ten bob’ – slang for 50p ). As well as the PDF here . . Heavy-Stuff-1

We will gradually bring you all 6 (yes 6 as number 6 was a special edition produced on Tyneside, entitled ‘Coal communities in conflict’ by Dave Douglas) of The Heavy Stuff in future posts, especially as we say, issues 4, 5, + 6 were produced locally.


cw hs 01 geor


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The Hockler. No 1.  Tyneside. Autumn 1991. Only 1 issue produced.

A3 double sided ‘paper’ produced by members of Tyneside Class War, and ( i am told ) was fly posted throughout the streets of Newcastle and North Shields etc, as well as given out during Class War street sales. I never did like the name then and still divint !           but there you go ….

original copy in our collection, and the PDF file ( to read both sides)  hockler

cw hock

VIRUS No 11. 1987.

VIRUS No 11. mid 1987. magazine of the Anarchist Communist Federation.

In the spirit of national editorial rotation, issues 11, 12, & 13 were produced in Newcastle.  Issue 14 saw a name change of the magazine to ORGANISE.

We bring you our favorite cover and the stolen PDF file…. virus 11



Continuing our series of local ‘anarcho-punk’ zines, we bring you Hope which ran from 1986 – 1989 and hailed from Gateshead / Newcastle. We have specifically been asked not to PDF them due to embarrassment, although we do have a PDF of number 2 which is available upon personal request …..





Hope number 4 was unreleased and was to be an all anarchist article zine, which clearly showed the authors move away from ‘anarcho-punk’ to more of a class struggle anarchist outlook. We have the few completed pages and cover in our collection.



International women’s day 8th March ????  we say respect everyday not just one day. With this in mind we bring you a classic from London, 1985. We lost / loaned out our copy during the 1990,s if anybody local has a replacement they would like to donate…

we share this as we have the PDF file thing for you….  afem85




Anger Burning issue 2. November 2015. Tyneside.

This issue is of particular interest to us as it interviews activists from North East Class War ( page 19 ). This group have since disbanded so please ignore any contact details given..although they still active and can be contacted through ourselves. Pdf file below picture……


PDF file………  AngerBurning-Issue02



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