USA. 1978. in our collection.

we even found the PDF file for you…




BORES UNDER THE FLOOR – A brief guide to the wave of ‘left’ groups and newspapers currently invading the pit villages.

By our very own fellow geordie David Douglas.   In our collection.


Now where was it again that i heard / read about… whilst pickets were literally running for there very lives from baton wielding mounted police during Orgreave that they passed a group of parasitic paper sellers from the Socialist Workers Party, who rather that help or shield the about to be battered miners, they tried to sell them a copy of the Socialist Worker paper !!!!!!!!!!



Newcastle 1977 . We knew about this publication but never had it, so thanks to The Sparrows Nest for a computer copy.

b jake-1 1977

pdf of the whole paper…..

b jake



Its common local knowledge that the Big Market area of Newcastle was a hive of political agitation with fiery speakers from the local anarchists, syndicalists,  & socialists, etc. We have no idea of who is speaking in this picture but it gives a good snap shot of the period, in this case 1912.

....newcastle big market open air speaker 1912

Newcastle Quayside 1914, the picture is believed to be a suffragette speaker, yet if you look closer there is many other speakers, obviously not all suffragettes…

........................ncle 1914 suffragettes


“1989 / 1990  ? the Class War Federation and the Anarchist Communist federation had been having a series of talks, nationally,  about an organisation merger. A lot of people in both camps were both for and against, whilst us here on Tyneside didn’t particularly care  because we had been working together closely for years anyway”

ex Tyneside Class War activist ( not member ).


“At the time I was enthusiastic about possible joint organisation of all the class struggle anarchist groups –  according to the principle that it would make us stronger. Others, especially in the DAM but also many in the ACF, perhaps weren’t so keen – mostly due to worries about ideological “purity” and all that precious nonsense as well as suspecting some in Class War just wanted publicity for its own sake. In effect, though, I think a lot of Class War people tended to think people in the other groups would interfere with their “image”, and would be too boring for them, etc, as much as any political reasons. In hindsight, I suppose, it was a non-starter – nobody was into thinking that ambitiously. But I still think that was a shame (or even a tragic missed opportunity …). Having said that, maybe it would have been a disaster. Who knows?”

ex Newcastle Anarchist Communist Federation member.

022 (2)

“For years we had joint paper sales on the streets of Newcastle etc..if someone came up to us to buy a copy of Class War, we would then also offer them a copy of Organise, and vice versa. I didn’t particularly care what was sold as long as the message was getting spread”

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