A little something we scanned, the first of a few, for ex members of the Scottish anarcho-punk band THE ALTERNATIVE……


our bad attempt at a  PDF here ……  wnnwtf

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The Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair






“Wars do not happen because politicians omit to ask one another to dinner, or because Churchill forgot to slap Stalin on the back. Wars are fought for sound economic reasons and the greatest of all these is oil.”

Tom Brown. 1958.  foreseeing future events.

from Nationalism and the new boss class. Whilst we only have this pamphlet in PDF, we have a few other rather delicate ones in our collection, including…

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ALBERT MELTZER 1920 – 1996

In remembrance of an old friend of the archive since its inception over 20 years ago. Just before his death i let Albert know of my collecting / researching of the history of anarchism on Tyneside, to which his response was the information we have and known was only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Sadly a lot of this information passed with Albert’s passing.

7th May 1996 we attended the funeral of Albert – funeral programme below..

meltzer funeral

meltzer funeral inner

Below a photo we have of Durruti’s grave, taken on the day of the scattering of Albert Meltzer’s ashes 31/11/1996. (although we have 1997 written on rear of photo ?)



It is with immense sadness that we share the news of our friends early death at 27 years old.  Such a sad sad loss that we struggle for adequate words…

Ewan was extremely enthusiastic about this archive, and what it try’s to achieve. In fact this website wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the patient help from him setting it up for me and showing a not very computer literate person i am how to go on. He would regularly come to see us for a cup of tea and lend another book and a long long chat. It was on one such occasion that Ewan eagerly agreed to ‘look after and run’ this archive in the event of my death.

I used to affectionately call Ewan “one man army”, as his level of activism, commitment to the struggle, and his genuine compassion was more than enough to out-do many activists twice his age.

We…. in fact we have no more words to convey other than…. you may have left us too early Ewan, but you can rest assured we will never let your name or memory be forgotten…..


@ Book fair. Bradford. 2018.

In answer to a minor criticism from a friend..“why would people wanna donate..when you just sell the stuff ?”

We did a one – off stall at an Anarchist book fair held in the 1 in 12 in Bradford 2018. We took a lot less than £30, so it actually cost us more to go and do it. We only ‘sold’ or ‘gave away’ literature that we had more than one copy of in the archive, and literature that we know other archives already have. We do it for the love of doing it, the communication, the sharing of our ideas, …NOT MONEY !

who knows..we may pop up again at an event near you… anyway someone took some photos…

taa 6

taa brad 4

taa brad 2


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