We are gradually building a full picture of the various anarchist groups throughout the region, and hope to someday publish a full history.

Were you part of an anarchist group during the 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s etc etc in the North East of England ?

Would / could you possibly write down any memories you have and email them to us ?

Do you remember group activities, numbers, what literature was produced ?

Do you want to donate / copy any literature ?

Obviously all correspondence can be treat anonymously.

Every bit of information helps, no matter how large or small, for example the following quote we found elsewhere..

“”Back in the late 70’s early 80’s our group encompassed the whole region and went under the name of Tyne & Wear Anarchist Group (TWAG); we also had a Tyne & Wear DAM. TWAG had around 6 regular activists in Sunderland, a similar number in Gateshead, the same in Newcastle and a member out in Blyth. TWAG would also regularly link up with comrades in Middlesbrough and Darlington.””

contact  :  tynesideanarchistarchive@riseup.net

“Tomorrow history will be written by experts who were far removed from the events and personnel concerned and they will deliver their emphatic interpretations and verdicts. We here are talking about protagonists who will be excluded from all the histories as yet unwritten.”

Antonio Téllez Solá


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