Secret Anarchist History of Newcastle

As a prelude and brief introductory history of anarchism in North East England and the completion of our history in book format (out this spring? after virus + various delays) we share with you ‘The secret anarchist history of Newcastle‘.

Written by a friend of the archive in 2008ish, it is a ‘cut and paste’ type pamphlet / zine and has been widely read and enjoyed locally for the last 12 or so years. Copy’s are always available from Newcastle’s Canny Little Library, or our own stall when we occasionally appear. This is not the first attempt at analysing our history, and not the last.

Our only criticism is that it virtually misses out the decade of the eighties, which as we show in our book, is a time not since surpassed in terms of anarchist groups, produced literature, action and interest.

As ever, the PDF file (which we borrowed from another archive to save time scanning ourselves) is below picture, and all addresses etc are no longer valid. Enjoy / like / share….

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