The Hockler. No 1.  Tyneside. Autumn 1991. Only 1 issue produced.

A3 double sided ‘paper’ produced by members of Tyneside Class War, and ( i am told ) was fly posted throughout the streets of Newcastle and North Shields etc, as well as given out during Class War street sales. I never did like the name then and still divint !           but there you go ….

original copy in our collection, and the PDF file ( to read both sides)  hockler

cw hock

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  1. “”It was produced mainly by *********** ********** who was in Class War, rather than Class War itself. I think he wanted to use it as a platform to attack local corruption, if sources could be found. From memory, which could be wrong, I think it faltered because it was a lot of effort to produce largely on your own.””

    we thank our comrade who pointed the above out. we have edited the name out for obvious security reasons. We know who’s idea etc it was and the insistence upon the name. It was a group effort in the distribution tho….


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