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Two bits of great news. Firstly we have been given a double CD of the interview, and the radio slots that local labour historian Ray Challinor did with Tom Brown during the early 1970’s. I must admit, after searching for info etc on Tom Brown for next to 30 years, that it was quite a moment to actually hear him speaking. The booming voice of the Tyneside shipyards, now 70 odd years old with a frail old voice, but not without his passion for the ‘struggle’. After contemplation, we have decided to give these to the Kate Sharpley Library for possible audio on-line release, so keep an eye out for that.

Secondly, friends of the archive, based within another local community grouping have give us the ability to ‘purchase’ our very own A3 scanner, which has opened immense possibilities now for this archive. We can bring you the entire series (16 issues) of the Tyneside Syndicalist newspaper, amongst many other local A3 broadsheets of interest, not to mention many other A3 newspapers…exciting!!!!

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  1. Brilliant news on the Tom Brown interviews! I hadn’t realised that Ray had those, and I suspect he may have forgotten!




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