They say all good things come to an end, and so it is with The Tyneside Syndicalist. After Issue 16, it was decided at a readers meeting to put the paper ‘on ice’ for the time being, lack of finances, burnout, and new projects beckoning all contributed (read more in our forthcoming history). Unfortunately, the ice never melted and the paper was never again produced.

Issue 13 – March 1987, Issue 14 – May 1987 has a May Day supplement, Issue 15 – June / July 1987 is the pictured (and my favorite cover), whilst the final Issue 16 – Winter 1987 contains a special supplement commemorating (or commiserating the failings and authoritarian result of much of …) the 70th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

The scan of Issue 16 is dedicated to a dear friend and the biggest supporter of this archive, who was instrumental in the beginnings of, and involved in the Tyneside Syndicalist collective, and has all issue’s except the final number 16. We also have a spare hard copy of it for you my friend.

PDF files below picture…like, share, love, enjoy…

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