It is with immense sadness that we share the news of our friends early death at 27 years old.  Such a sad sad loss that we struggle for adequate words…

Ewan was extremely enthusiastic about this archive, and what it try’s to achieve. In fact this website wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the patient help from him setting it up for me and showing a not very computer literate person i am how to go on. He would regularly come to see us for a cup of tea and lend another book and a long long chat. It was on one such occasion that Ewan eagerly agreed to ‘look after and run’ this archive in the event of my death.

I used to affectionately call Ewan “one man army”, as his level of activism, commitment to the struggle, and his genuine compassion was more than enough to out-do many activists twice his age.

We…. in fact we have no more words to convey other than…. you may have left us too early Ewan, but you can rest assured we will never let your name or memory be forgotten…..

ewan1 0


Ewans funeral today 21/05/19


30/04/20  never forgotten


Painting proudly completed by Ewan Brown May 2018. A beautiful picture of Hope. Your relentless activism and compassion against injustice in this world continues to inspire Hope for those of us who continue the fight in your name. Rest in peace my friend. xxxx

Tyneside Anarchist Archive.

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